DigiSky works on aerial ground monitoring technologies for Earth preservation, emergency management, fire detection, surveillance and asset intensive companies.

DigiSky enables high technology innovation levels in Avionics Systems, Special Mission Aircrafts and advanced Aerial Monitoring Projects. We aim to transfer innovative technologies from the ICT and automotive sectors into the General Aviation industry offering embarkation solutions that are easy to install, low costs and can be applied in several different fields.

Backed by 20+ years of experience in the aerospace industry, DigiSky provides customers with turnkey integrated services to qualify in-flight avionic systems during R&D and design phases, standardized system for the fast boarding of sensors, low-cost aerial ground monitoring systems (by General Aviation aircrafts or UAVs) to be applied in precision farming, fire detection, remote medical emergency mission, surveillance and asset intensive companies.

In order to facilitate the R&D process, DigiSky has acquired its own fleet of airplanes equipped with avionic systems to guarantee in-flight tests of different types of technologies and devices. DigiSky can count on a headquarter located within the Torino Aeritalia Airport perimeter where we set our labs up.

Products and Services

Avionic System Design

We focus on commercial flight testing and we offer aeronautical integrated services ….

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Aerial Monitoring

Special Mission Aircraft

Our solution is designed to be fitted under Ultralight or Light General Aviation aircrafts…

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Aerial Monitoring Services

We focus on promptness and real time needs but we also consult and operate in order…

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DigiSky focuses on projects with high levels of innovation with the idea that our technology can be the driver to improve farm productions, remote medical emergency services, fire detection, environmental monitoring and companies’ production by reducing costs, perform faster and safer inspections, reducing risks and optimize limited resources.

DigiSky R&D division has focused its efforts, since 2006, on the design and production of parallel hybrid propulsion system dedicated to light aircraft and UAV. We are also scouting and investing on new sensors and data management to be employed on several different fields of applications

Aerial Monitoring

DigiSky has led projects in several areas of aerospace, completing the development road-map from conception, design, prototyping up to delivery of  the products/services to the market, such as:

  • Integrated aeronautic service to “in-flight” testing of new avionic systems during R&D and design phases.
  • Augmented reality smartglasses for flight parameters vision dedicated to General Aviation pilots : HeadApp (http://www.headapp.eu/)
  • Standardized system for fast and low cost embarkation of sensors. Integrated systems for low cost aerial ground monitoring and surveillance
  • Internal combustion and electric parallel hybrid engine for ultra-light airplanes and UAV (SkySpark)
  • Drones and UAV aerial surveillance and monitoring technologies

DigiSky Srl

PI 09535510011 | Capitale Sociale: € 40.000 i.v

  • Sede Legale: c.so Re Umberto 65, 10128 Torino
  • Sede Direzionale: Corso Fratelli Cervi 27, 10093 Collegno
  • Sede Operativa Volo: Aeroporto Torino Aeritalia (LIMA)
  • Tel : +39 011 0360582 | E-mail : info@digisky.it

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