Aerial Survey and its fields of application

Innovative Topographic Services

Smartbay Multi-layer, multi-sensor technology for aerial multi-data collection and monitoring

Most of the technologies available on the market are simply too expansive or too complex to meet the requirements for aerial monitoring related to civil and private clients’ needs.

Digisky competitive advantage relies on the fact that we can offer at international levels multi-level integrated services for the aerial ground monitoring that are EASY TO USE, FLEXIBLE, STANDARD and CHEAP.

We can offer innovative topographic services including geometric surveys of civil and industrial buildings and infrastructures:

  • with linear progression (pipelines, roads, railways..)
  • with Horizontal development ( factories, ports, warehouses, plants..)

We work both on a periodic or one-shot basis with private and public client

Environmental monitoring services

DigiSky Integrated System for aerial ground monitoring can cover extended areas with very high level of complexity, managing aerial imaging mapping with the support of different platforms including aircrafts, UAVs, drones, and satellite data-link

Digisky can support you by providing aerial monitoring services for:

  • Fire detection
  • Precision Farming
  • Oil spill
  • Air and Water pollution
  • Hydrogeological instability
  • EU rules compliance

We focus on promptness and real time needs but we also consult and operate in order to certify collected data.

We mainly work with Governments and public clients but we can also offer our services to private clients with specify needs

We use a multi-layer approach with:

  • Layer by topic (georesources, agriculture, climate, security networks, economics..)
  • Infrastructure (roads, bridges, railways, energy pipeline..)
  • Basic Topography (ground maps and physical data)

Fire Detection Solution

Our fire detection solution can include both early fire detection mission (FDM) and Vessel Monitoring Mission (VMM)

Aerial supports for critical missions

In the last 30 years state-of-the-art EMS (Emergency Management System, at EU standards) have been saving thousands and thousands of people seriously threatened by different types of emergencies.

Lifeline is an international consortium able to deploy in Africa the EU models of public safety and emergency medical systems (EMS)

Together with the ground monitoring system, we can fully manage complex integrated EMS (Emergency Medical System).

We support Search & Rescue Operations, environmental emergency management and we can be involved in any type of missions where real-time control and photo-video data-link are mandatory.

Digisky is part of LIFELINE INTERNATIONAL, a company network that collects all the expertise and technologies necessary to provide turnkey management of complex EMS to governments or NGOs.

We can rely on several partners who are leaders in their fields. As an example, we are partner in EMS Projects with company such as Regola, Oxygen Labs, Simnova

European state-of-the-art technologies and expertise are deployed, in addition to other necessary key factors such as execution, local ownership of products and processes, governance and strategic planning, public education, prevention and participation, in order to deliver:

  • Security and Emergency Medical services available to ALL;
  • Protection for government/public infrastructure of strategic importance;
  • Generationof employment opportunities;
  • Transfer of knowledge & technologies;
  • Growth of consent & support to governments;

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