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DigiSky’s Airship completes successful test flight

Airship for acoustic and sound control

Airship for acoustic and sound control

Summer 2017 was really profitable for Digisky: we acquired our first airship to be used within the Horizon 2020 project Monica, a European funded project which focuses on developing, deploying and demonstrating IoT ecosystems on security, acoustics and innovation, addressing real user needs during cultural performances in open-air settings which create challenges in terms of crowd safety, security and noise pollution.
DigiSky aims to equip the airship with sensors and camera in order to monitor open air events in terms of noise and images for safety, securities and noise control purposes.

At the end of June DigiSky performed the first airwothiness test of the teethered airship on a target zone in the premises of Torino Aeritalia Airport: the successful test validated the airship’s stability based on wind and weather conditions and proved that the airship is ready for additional test flights to check the images stabilisation and for high-altitude deployment.
On July 8th and 9th, DigiSky participated within the Monica Project to the Kappa Future Festival in Turin. The event, which takes place once a year and registered 40.000 entries over the two days, has been chosen by the Horizon 2020 Committee as one of the pilot events to test the Monica projects technologies.

Some issues have already been highlighted in terms of future certification necessary for the workforce management. Noise measurements have been recorded but analyses of the results are still in the process.

DigiSky’s Aerospace engineer Marco Cipolato discussed successful results obtained during the airship test flight with all Monica’s partners during a three-days meeting in Kingstone on September 13th-15th : we are now ready for additional testing on the very promising airship to be completed within next month.

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