Hybrid Propulsion

DigiSky Innovation division focuses, since 2006, on the design and production of a parallel hybrid propulsion system dedicated to light aircraft and UAV.

What is SkySpark?

SkySpark is the name of a world-record hybrid propulsion aircraft based on state of the art technology greatest interest for the future:

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells and stocking systems
  • Lithium Polymers batteries
  • Electrical Engine brushless

SkySpark established the World Speed record for a 100% electrically powered aircraft during the World Air Games in Turin in 2009. The astronaut and Chief Test Pilot Maurizio Cheli flew Skyspark at word record speed of 250 Km/h.

The project allowed DigiSky to gain expertise and leadership in terms of Hybrid engine for GA aircraft specializing in the production of engine

Technical specs

High Power 75 kVA

Brushless Technology

Power density > 2kW/kg

Ultra compact dimensions

Liquid cooled

Propeller direct drivet

Extremely low weight

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