Our Fleet

In order to facilitate the R&D process, DigiSky has acquired its own fleet of airplanes equipped with avionic systems to guarantee in-flight tests of different types of technologies and devices. DigiSky can count on a headquarter located within the Torino Aeritalia Airport perimeter where we set our labs up.Thanks to Digisky partnership with Tecnam we can count on one of the best aircrafts fleet, including single and double engines, high and low wings. 

Piper PA-32R Lance

The Piper PA 32 is a single-engine, low-wing, high performance aircraft produce by Piper Aircraft. It is equipped with retractable gear and variable pitch propeller fitted with a significant payload capacity. Certified for up 6 people, this PA-32 has been configured by DigiSky to accommodate two pilots, two operators and a wide cockpit with standards rack and large monitor.

The total payload can easily reach 400kg.

With a range of over 1000 miles and 150 knots cruise speed our PA-32 Lance can also be used for aerial photography.

Tecnam P92 Echo Super Deluxe

The P92 Echo Classic is a two-seat, single strut braced high wing aircraft. The P92 Echo Classic was designed and manufactured according to the international airworthiness standards. This has been accomplished by one of the most renowned European Designers in the general aviation field, with the aid of modern planning instruments, Tecnam, which is our partner. The P92’s performance and flying qualities are so superior that it compares to aircraft certified under FAR/CS 23.

Tecnam P92 JS SmartBay

The Tecnam P92 JS SmartBay is a high wing, two seats, single engine, tricycle landing gear airplane. It is equipped with an advanced sensors boarding system that enables rapid aircraft configuration for any kind of mission, reducing time and costs. The P92 JS SmartBay features increased side visibility, a low profile modular panel is able to accommodate a wide range of avionics, while still maintaining excellent visibility over the nose. SmartBay does not reduce the performance of the aircraft, its shape and the carbon-fiber materials, reduce the weight maintaining a smooth aerodynamic lines.The aircraft’s outstanding performance and flying qualities together with low operating costs, easy piloting and maintenance, make this aircraft an excellent choice for aerial work such as territory surveillance, patrol, etc.The option to use AVGAS 100LL or unleaded MOGAS ASTM D4814-EN/228 SUPER make the P92JS-SB even more flexible and economical.

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