Our History

Follow our timeline to find out more about our history that now crosses a decade

December 2013

SkySpark in to the Air Force Museum

SkySpark celebrates its entrance to Malpensa Air Force Museum

May 2010

Aviation center for industrial research

Launch of the new aviation center for industrial research and advanced training. The initiative falls within partnership Agreement signed the past November between Turin Polytechnic, Turin Aero Club and DigiSky.

December 2009

Pre-competitive R&D –  SMAT F1 Project

Design and prototype of a fully integrated solution for use of three UAV platforms for advanced Aerial ground monitoring

Giune 2009

All electric record flight

SkySpark keeps the world speed record for high-performance, fully electrically powered light aircraft during the World Air Games (252 Km/h as an attainable figure).

May 2008

SkySpark project begins

The goal of the SkySpark project is to design and build a complete “ecological” aircraft, highly innovative from a technological point of view, totally “EcoCompatible” and commercially very attractive.


May 2007

Start Incubator’s route

DigiSky is selected as an innovative technologically company and enters in I3P, the Incubator of Polytechnic of Tutin

April 2007

Microsoft Innovation Center

DigiSky & MIC present the first EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System) system for general aviation based on Windows XP Embedded.

Decembre 2007

SkyRig is born

DigiSky can execute flight campaigns for experimental avionics testing based on highly specialized expertise both from the industrial and the scientific-academic fields.

January 2007

When Everything started
Maurizio and Paolo, founders of Digisky, wrote down their idea of DigiSky: coming from different professional experiences, they envisioned the dream of transforming a passion into a business by bringing together their multi-talented expertise.

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