“There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew”. Marshall McLuhan

We, at DigiSky, believe that aerial monitoring technologies will be a key factor in Earth preservation and surveillance, remote area medical emergencies management and companies’ production efficiency therefore we will work to improve human capabilities to positively impact on those fields.


DigiSky mission consists in:

  • Providing low cost easy-to-use solutions for aerial ground monitoring in several fields including precision farming , fire detection, remote medical emergencies system and for asset intensive companies such as the ones operating in gas & oil and utility industry
  • Transferring emerging technologies coming from the ICT, industrial automation, ground mobility sectors, scaling them up to the aerospace standards and making them fully deployed and mission-ready on General Aviation aircrafts


Since 2007, DigiSky aims to develop innovative solutions in the aerospace field within the all value chain, from design to prototyping, including full service, turn key projects in the following areas:

  • Integrated service for in-flight tests of new avionic platforms during R&D or prototyping phases.
  • Integrated system for the real-time, Wi-Fi management of ultra light planes and for the virtual cockpit through wearable devices
  • Standardized system for fast sensors embarkation.
  • Precision farming
  • Fire detection
  • Remote and extreme medical emergencies systems
  • Oil and pipeline spill
  • Plant surveillance
  • Endothermic-Electric parallel hybrid propulsion system dedicated to UAV and GA aircrafts.  (SkySpark)
  • Micro-UAV surveillance and monitoring technologies
  • ntegrated services and platforms for low-cost aerial ground monitoring with applications in the fields of:

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