The most versatile platform for any mission. Tecnam P2006T is a twin-engine four-seat aircraft with fully retractable landing gear. The high-wing configuration offers stability, superior cabin visibility and easy access for passengers and luggage.


Tecnam has used its extensive experience with aluminum airframes in order to create a robust yet very light airframe for the P2006T, resulting in an outstanding payload-to-total weight ratio. Wings are of traditional construction with integral fuel tanks located outboard of the engines, holding 100 liters each for a total of 200 liters.

A laminar flow NACA 63A airfoil of moderate thickness has been selected for the semi-tapered wing platform, offering low drag and good high altitude performance. The wide slotted aluminum flaps, electrically operated, allow stall speeds below 48kts. These flaps offer the potential for very steep approaches and short landings. Fraise ailerons allow aggressive roll rates with minimal adverse yaw. Aileron control is via internal cabin cables linked to push-rods in the wing leading edges.

Particular attention was paid to the cabin’s structural design in order to ensure the required crashworthiness prescribed in recent amendments to the FAA-FAR23 and EASA-CS23 codes. The Tecnam P2006T’s ability to conform to such rigid safety requirements has been proven during dynamic tests carried out by a certified laboratory, demonstrating forward load factors up to 26g.


The generous interior size of the Tecnam P2006T allows maximum space for pilots and passengers. With its two doors, its upholstered seats complete with headrests and vertical adjustment, the cabin provides great flexibility for pilots. Each seat is provided with three-point seat belts with inertia reel. Specific care has been given to cabin interiors and acoustic comfort. The ventilation system features one vent outlet for each occupant. The heating system uniformly warms the cabin and a defrost manifold prevents the windshield from fogging up even while taxiing.

Large windows, together with the high wings, provide excellent visibility for a very pleasant flight, as well as for safe ground operations. The cabin has a spacious luggage compartment of 350 liters, which is easily accessible.

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