P92 JS CS/VLA SmartBay

The Tecnam P92 JS SmartBay is a high wing, two seats, single engine, tricycle landing gear airplane.
It is equipped with an advanced sensors boarding system that enables a rapid aircraft configuration for any kind of mission, reducing time and costs.


Using the proven P92 JS, an all metal, two seats, single strut braced high wing aeroplane, as the base platform, Tecnam has delivered the best high wing aerial work aircraft.

The P92 JS SmartBay features increased side visibility, a low profile modular panel that accommodates a wide range of avionics, while still maintaining excellent visibility over the nose.

SmartBay does not reduce the performance of the aircraft and its shape together with the carbon-fiber materials, reduce the weight while maintaining a smooth aerodynamic lines.

A rear window completes the extraordinary visibility allowing 360° of vision in the cockpit. The stabilator provides remarkable longitudinal hands-off stability along with minimum drag and weight penalty providing balanced, 2 fingers, flight control. The wide slotted flaps, electrically activated, allow stall speed lower than 38 Kts.

The P92 JS has 35 degrees of flaps making steep approach landings easier. SmartBay airborne systems is mechanically produced using carbon-fiber materials



Seats are adjustable in flight and they increase in height as they are moved forward.

The luggage area, allowing for 44 pounds/20 kg of weight, is located behind the seats with wide room for travel bags.

The generous interior size of the P92 JS SmartBay allows maximum space for pilot and technicians.

With two wide doors and eco leather seats, fore and aft adjustable, the cabin provides great comfort for pilots.

On-board the SmartBay system includes a touchscreen tablet, that permits the pilot to focus on his target still keeping the same safety awareness.

All the system is controllable with the use of only one finger, guarantee high results in term of accurancy for post-processing operations.


The SmartBay© P92ES is a DigSky-proprietary system that enables an efficient and smart matching between the mission aircraft and the sensors, the two key elements upon which any aerial work is to be based.

Once equipped with SmartBay© the P92ES is ready to perform different flight operations along with the possibility of smart reconfiguration of the mission. SmartBay© consists in a complete kit to perform the modifications on the avionics in any aircraft. The SmartBay P92ES is completely operating via the Mission Computer that can:

  • manage real-time activation of sensors
  • discover installed sensors on-board and run their dignosis,
  • provide front-end cockpit desk to pilot
  • allow mission loading and management.

SmartBay airborne systems is produced using carbon-fiber materials.

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