Successful test flight campaign for the multispectral camera MAIA embarked on SmartBay platform
On Friday, September 15th, DigiSky and SAL Engineering have performed the first in-flight test campaign on MAIA, the multispectral camera with 9 different sensors for images acquisition at different frequencies and designed to be employed on board UAV systems. The flight test campaign was conducted by mounting MAIA on DigiSky’ s SmartBay platform which allows […]
DigiSky’s Airship completes successful test flight
Summer 2017 was really profitable for Digisky: we acquired our first airship to be used within the Horizon 2020 project Monica, a European funded project which focuses on developing, deploying and demonstrating IoT ecosystems on security, acoustics and innovation, addressing real user needs during cultural performances in open-air settings which create challenges in terms of […]
June 2009 – SkySpark first flight and world speed record!
  In June 2009, during the World Air Games Show in Turin, the 100% electric powered aircraft SkySpark, fully designed and developed by DigiSky, had its first flight and won the World speed record for its category. The pilot, Nasa astronaut and chief test pilot Maurizio Cheli, can be seen in this amazing video during the […]

Inpatient Safety on Board (ISOB) project on TV

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