Special Mission Aircraft

Digisky, in partnership with Tecnam, has developed a family of General Aviation aircrafts devoted to aerial work based on remote sensors platforms which are low- cost and highly flexible in terms of mission reconfiguration

SmartBay System

SmartBay© is a DigSky-proprietary system that enables an efficient and smart matching between the mission Aircraft and the Sensors, the two key elements upon which any aerial work is to be based. Once equipped with SmartBay© the mission Aircraft is ready to perform different flight operations along with the possibility of smart reconfiguration of the mission.

SmartBay© consists in a complete kit to perform the modifications on the avionics of any customer’s aircraft.

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SmartBay System Concept

SmartBay© has been developed to meet the following conceptual and operational criteria:

  • Perform rapid sensors suite configuration on different flight platform
  • Standardize and automate the sensors management during the mission
  • Facilitate post-processing operation of the data collected
  • Optimize the sensor maintenance (off-board) operations

We use non-Complex Airplane Platforms

  • lower aircraft maintenance costs
  • easy pilot enabling to our platform

We make reduced mission costs possible

  • limited fuel consumption
  • single pilot operations

No compromises on Quality & Payloads

  • high performance payloads embarkable
  • universal payload “plug&play” mounting

SmartBay Payload Sensors

SmartBay comes already pre-equipped with standard universal plug&play gyrostabilized slot which can natively accomodate a wide range of consumer sensors of different vendors

SmartBay (some) technical features

  • very low aerodynamic impact Wing Pilon
  • 3 standard payloads slots carrying up to 40 kg (overall)
  • multi range payloads’ Power Supplies
  • embedded Mission Computer driving payload sensors
  • cabin Desk command & control


The proprietary built-in Mission Computer, the core Intellectual Property of DigiSky, enables:

  • Mission Planning
  • WiFi connectivity (to Pilot, to hangar)
  • built-in large Digital Storage
  • flexible payloads BUS interface

Our Platform

SmartBay© Mission Airplanes 

Our solution is designed to be fitted under Ultralight or Light General Aviation aircrafts.

We chose Tecnam P92, ultralight and certified version, because it guarantees the lowest aircraft maintenance costs, low consumption, single pilot operations, high wing configuration (for a better target view) and the highest quality guaranteed by Tecnam

Native SmartBay© Sensors

Our system is meant to carry any type of sensors with its 3 standard payload slots carrying up to 40 kg (overall).

However, we also produce our own sensors: the smart camera and the smart gimble. Both sensors are stabilized and they can support professional video camera, weighing up to 3 kg.

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