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Successful test flight campaign for the multispectral camera MAIA embarked on SmartBay platform

On Friday, September 15th, DigiSky and SAL Engineering have performed the first in-flight test campaign on MAIA, the multispectral camera with 9 different sensors for images acquisition at different frequencies and designed to be employed on board UAV systems.
The flight test campaign was conducted by mounting MAIA on DigiSky’ s SmartBay platform which allows for fast and low-cost embarkation of sensors in GA Aircrafts.

On a beautiful and windy day, DigiSky aircraft Tecnam P92 SBAY has overtaken target zones in order to test the actual GPS recording and images acquisition capabilities.
Friday’s in-flight test activities were critical to validate the operation of the sensor MAIA and its integration with the SmartBay platform: positive results will enable startup of the first acquisition campaign for CNR which intends to use MAIA and SmartBay in order to monitor agricultural lands for precision farming purpose.
We interviewed aviation specialist and engineer Fabio Sussio to get his first feedback on the in-flight test just performed: “MAIA is an excellent and versatile tool to be employed in any type of multispectral survey. It can be easily mounted on our DigiSky Smartbay platform so to perform a wide variety of ground monitoring activities including precision farming monitoring of wineyard, crops or other types of cultivation, coastal environment monitoring, water consumption control, and so on..

In fact MAIA detects VIS-NIR information through 9 global shutter sensors with high resolution, top sensitivity and lightweight camera. Its versatility will allow you to create your dataset of undistorted and corrected images for quick analysis, indexes and photogrammetric processing. Smartbay platform equipped with MAIA becomes a-must-have technology for any aerial work company who wants to invest in a high performing tool for multi-purpose multi-spectral surveying activities”

DigiSky's engineers Paolo Pari and Fabio Sussio are briefing up their partner SAL Engineering

SAL Engineering and DigiSky testing sensor MAIA on SmartBay

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