Avionic system design services

With 20+ years of experience in the aerospace industry, DigiSky operates in the field of Earth Observation through proprietary solutions dedicated to a variety of industries including agriculture, utilities, large infrastructures & environmental monitoring.

DigiSky is an EASA certified company that provides customers with avionic system design services

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Use cases

DigiSky develops aerial ground monitoring technologies for Earth observation, emergency management, environmental monitoring, forestry management, surveillance and asset intensive companies.

Damage Evaluation in woody biomass of forestry

In the field of aerial monitoring and mapping, a large amount of small and medium sized sensors, with high levels of resolution and accuracy, have entered the market.

Dams and Reservoirs Monitoring

Aerial monitoring and mapping of the
hydroelectric basins and barriers in the Orco valleys with the aim of ensuring the best level of control over the buildings and systems. The work was carried out by combining airplanes lights (in order to monitor the basin) and micro UAVs flight
(to monitor the dams).

Landslide Mapping

Just after the landslide event that affected the Turin-Savona highway in December 2019, Skymetry collected the photogrammetric data necessary to define the 3D model of the slope, to
identify the detachment niche and to
evaluate the landslide volumes.

Wood mass Production

As part of the Regional Forestry Program, the Canavese Forestry Consortium has activated an experimental service, developed by DigiSky together
with the DISAF department of the University of Turin, with the purpose of measuring the woody mass of a forest, comparing the Digital Canopy Model (DCM ) to the Digital Terrain Model

Evaluation and monitoring of surface interferences to the underground gas pipelines

Integrated system for the periodic digital inspection of underground gas pipelines and the definition of a digital model in order to map the interfering elements on the surface.

Glaciological Study

3D mapping of the Belvedere glacier in Macugnaga for the determination of the melting dynamics. Flight carried out with semicircular trajectories so to obtain high resolution levels even in the inner areas of

Aerial law enforcement

We supplied the airborne
technology for the visual patroling of the territory by using the Tecnam P92 aircraft in force of the County of Guilford
and dedicated to the monitoring and law enforcement of the county roads.

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