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20+ years of history in the aerospace industry

DigiSky operates in the field of Earth observation through proprietary solutions dedicated to a variety of industries including:  

• Large infrastructures
• Utilities

DigiSky main goal is to democratize aerial monitoring activities by offering affordable & highly versatile solutions

DigiSky is an EASA certified company that provides customers with state-of-the-art aeronautic engineering services, including in-flight testing of avian systems, technology and sensors, thanks to the fact that it is headquarters at the Torino Aeritalia Airport and owns its own fleet. 

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Passion for flying and friendship have given rise to a successful entreprenurial team

Maurizio Cheli


Maurizio brings into DigiSky more than 4500 hours of flight experience, mostly in flight testing high performance aircraft, on more than 50 different types of aircraft and approximately 360 hours of space flight. In 1992 he was selected by the European Space Agency and sent to NASA’s Johnson Space Centre where in 1993 he became an astronaut. In 1996 he flew as STS-75 Mission Specialist aboard the Space Shuttle. The same year he joined Alenia Aeronautica and in 1998 he became Chief Test Pilot and worked in the development of the Eurofighter Typhoon

Paolo Pari

Founder & CEO

25+ years of experience in innovative startups applying and implementing innovation technologies in several fiel ov application. Electronics engineer, Paolo flies gliders, aircraft and helicopters. He developed the idea of DigiSky after having designed and engineered one of the first prototypes of glass cockpit for his light aircraft. He has conceived, designed and engineered several biomedical applications and he is specialized in the integration of diagnostical and therapeutical systems for hospital applications. From 2007 it was Presidente and CEO of DigiSky.

Cheli & Pari: the inventors of Skyspark, the 100% electric vehicle

Our stakeholder

Altec spa

Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company – is the Italian center of excellence for the provision of engineering and logistics services to support operations and utilization of the International Space Station and the development and implementation of planetary exploration missions. Altec holds 24.9% of the share capital of DigiSky.

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Always srl

Always aims at supporting selected companies that comply with proficient innovation requirements by providing access to an extensive network of entrepreneurs, investors and field experts with the purposes of accelerating their business development and their timely  financial and operational success

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Tecnam spa

Tecnam is the world’s second largest producer of general Aviation and Light Sport Aircraft. With a global fleet of over 7000 aircraft and 100 Tecnam Support centres, Tecnam is proud to continue to offer all its customers the very latest and best in aircraft design, technology as well as a great flying experience.

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Our Scientific Committee

DigiSky has appointed a highly experienced Scientific Committee with the purpose of promoting innovation and R/D within the company

Confirmed Associate Professor at Turin Polytecnnic: DIMEAS – Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Associate professor at Turin University: DISAFA – Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences
Physicist, manned & unmanned mission management expert. R&D manager
Italian Air Force Pilot- Defense General Staff director SAPR Consultant and Examiner
Innovation Manager, Strategic marketing expert & consultant

Technical Organization

Design organization

DigiSky has been appointed by EASA as an organization that operates on projects related to the development of certified avionic and aeronautic systems: DigiSky is entrusted to develop projects to be submitted for approval by the aeronautical authorities (minor modification).

Prototyping & Production

DigiSky supports aerospace OEMs by offering outsourcing services for products development and production process. Thanks to the long-standing expertise of its founders, DigiSky is granted EASA certificate to design, prototype and produce avionic systems. DigiSky owns a proprietary aircraft fleet for in-flight test of various avionic system. The company can also count on the fact that one of its branch is located at the Torino Aeritalia airport, Italy (LIMA), where DigiSky operates its labs for highly complex prototyping

Flight test

We focus on commercial flight testing and we offer aeronautical integrated services for flight trials of new avionic systems during r&d and prototyping phases. We cover planning, execution, analysis and reporting. Specifically:

  • New devices airworthiness analysis
  • Embarkment system design for flight testing
  • Flight test campaign execution
  • Reporting and means of compliance

Our turn-key service is logistically optimized and affordable: we manage de-risking campaigns for life-critical devices at competitive price and conditions. We offer flight tests for not yet certified devices too.

Aerial work activities

DigiSky has implemented its own organization for aerial mapping activities – Part SPO – so to directly perform aerial photogrammetry services with its own aircrafts fleet based on Turin Aereitalia airport

Flight academy

DigiSky, through its partners, manages a flight school in order to offer professional training services dedicated to aerial mapping operators involved in the Skymetry project 

Our Business Partners


With over 100 professionals, 40 software developers, 20+ years of experience, services in over 20 countries, Gene-GIS is the most comprehensive Italian solution provider in the Geo ICT field, with the most significant experiences abroad.
Gene-GIS gathers row data and process and integrate them into dedicated software apps.

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Phase One is a Danish company specializing in high-end digital photography equipment and software. They manufacture open platform based medium format camera systems and solutions.

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Established in 2009, UAV Factory is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of unmanned aircrafts, reliable, fixed-wing and Long Endurance.
Uav Factory also produces pneumatic catapults, onboard generator systems and portable ground control stations.

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Skymetry Partners’ Program

Skymetry partners’ program is dedicated to all those aerial mapping operators who want to take advantage of being part of an international network so to scale up their work capabilities while using DigiSky automated technologies and cloud services.

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