EASA certification of specific aircrafts’ configurations

Tecnam Aircrafts

DigiSky has designed, developed and patented a system for the boarding of sensors on general aviation aircrafts.

A peculiar feature of the SmartBay patent is that it allows the sensors’ boarding system to be installed on any aircraft with either fixed or rotary wing.  In order to speed up its market entry, DigiSky has decided to directly invest in the EASA certification of specific aircrafts’ configurations Specifically, thanks to the partnership with Tecnam (currently one of the largest General Aviation manufacturers in the world), DigiSky installed and certified the SmartBay configuration on Tecnam P92 JS (available in the ultralight version too).

A similar SmartBay configuration is also available for the two-engine Tecnam P2006 aircraft which meets the need of missions where autonomy and load capacity require a vehicle with superior performance.

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High wing, two seats, single engine, tricycle landing gear airplane

The Tecnam P92 JS is a high wing, two seats, single engine, tricycle landing gear airplane. This certified aircraft (also available in the ultra-ligh version) offers an extremely efficient aerial work platform at a very low purchase and management cost. Thanks to its Crew Operator Deck, SmartBay can efficiently manage all missions with a single-pilot configuration. The multi-sensor boarding system allows to quickly reconfigure the same aircraft for different types of mission.

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Two-engine four-seat aircraft

Tecnam P2006 SMP is a two-engine four-seat aircraft with fully retractable landing gear. The high-wing configuration offers stability, superior cabin visibility and easy access for passengers and luggage.

SmartBay© consists in a complete kit to perform the modifications on the avionics of any customer’s aircraft.

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