Avionic System Design Design, development and production process

Design, development and production process

DigiSky supports aerospace OEMs in their design, development and production process: thanks to the long-standing expertise of its founders, Digisky is granted EASA certificates to design, prototype and produce avionic systems.

The company can also count on the fact that one of its branch is located at the Torino Aeritalia Airport, Italy (LIMA), where Digisky operates its labs for highly complex prototyping.

Design Organisation

EASA Part 21 Certified

Thanks to the long-standing expertise of its founders, Digisky is EASA Part 21 Certified. DigiSky is recognized by EASA as an organization that operates on projects related to the development of certified avionic and aeronautic systems and is approved for the development of individual projects to be submitted for approval by the aeronautical authorities (minor modification).

Production Organization

POA certification

DigiSky has acquired POA Subpart F certification (Production Organisations Approvals) for small batch productions in accordance with design data approved by EASA to be installed on aircrafts.

We are therefore able to internally manage all the necessary documentation for the construction of components based on the approved data DigiSky ensures product compliance through control loops on the material, on parts and on assembly.

Third party companies verified by DigiSky are in charge of all the material processing in accordance with approved procedures.

Flight Test

Aeronautical integrated services

We focus on commercial flight testing and we offer aeronautical integrated services for flight trials of new avionic systems during R&D and prototyping phases. We cover planning, execution, analysis and reporting and, specifically:

• New devices airworthiness analysis

• Embarkment system design for flight testing

• Flight test campaign execution

• Reporting and Means of compliance

Our turn-key service is logistically optimized and low-cost: we manage de-risking campaigns for life-critical devices at competitive price and conditions. We offer flight tests for not yet certified devices too.

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