UAV micro-UAVs equipped with calibrated sensors


DigiSky can integrate different types of flight platforms, including micro-UAVs equipped with calibrated sensors, so to improve the accuracy of the remote sensing activities performed by aircraft and offer maps with different resolution levels.
We at DigiSky can also design and build specific and customized unmanned aircrafts for special missions based on our customers’ needs.
In addition, Skymetry, our flight planning and mission management software, works with most of the commercial micro-UAVs available on the market providing a superior end-to-end solution for aerial work operators.

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Key points

Earth observation tools

Photo, Laser, Multi-spectral, Real-time. 3D, virtual reality, BIM e DSM

Aerial images

Low-cost and highly efficient procurement of aerial images, tailored and focused only on the target corridor

Data management

Secure and reliable data management

For all the activities that take advantage of aerial monitoring

Skymetry is the world pioneer for advanced aerial monitoring services. Engineers, pilots and data analysts with years of experience joined together to offer you the most competitive solutions.

Skymetry, sense your Earth

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