Corridor Mapping

An efficient solution to check and evaluate linear infrastructures

Different needs, one solution: Skymetry

Skymetry is our end-to-end solution that provides aerial mapping reports based on your corridor mapping needs

An accurate and periodic digital terrain mapping is crucial for planning, designing and analyzing linear infrastructures including highways, roads, oil and gas pipelines, in order to determine their feasibility, assess environmental impacts, plan their maintenance and prevent damages.


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From data gathering to insightful report delivering

Appropriate sensors

Based on your aerial mapping needs, we select the appropriate sensors (RGB Camera,Laser, Multi-spectral,Thermal, Chemical) and we plan the mission and the flights accordingly

Data Gathering

Skymetry allows for affordable and highly efficient procurement of aerial images: we only acquire the desired images of the linear infrastructures so to optimise costs and time.

Insightful report

Once the data are acquired, Skymetry processes the images and delivers to you the report including 3D models, BIM as per your requests




A unique in-cloud solution to efficiently manage aerial mapping activities

Skymetry is the world leader in advanced aerial monitoring services. Engineers, pilots and data analysts with years of experience joined together to offer you the most competitive solutions.

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