Environmental Risk Management

A solution to evaluate and manage environmental risks effectively

Environmental monitoring on demand

Skymetry offers a dedicated solution to perform fast data collection, aimed at controlling and evaluating the environment and tis related risks when timing is crucial and accuracy needed.


Years Project


ha of “Pilot Area”


Predictive models creation

Key Points

On-demand service

Skymetry works both with planned aerial monitoring activities and with on-demand, on-duty call based on weather and another meteorological or seasonal events.

Aerial images

Skymetry provides low-cost and highly efficient procurement of aerial images, tailored and focused only on the target corridor

Data management

Data a re processed instantly, on a secure and reliable data management platform

Hydrogeological survey

For all the activities that take advantage of aerial monitoring

Skymetry is the world pioneer for advanced aerial monitoring services. Engineers, pilots and data analysts with years of experience joined together to offer you the most competitive solutions.

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