Precision Farming

optimizing the usage of natural resources

Earth Observation for agricolture

Based on a 2018 assessment by the FAO, almost 800 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead healthy lives.
Because little action is taken toward environmental sustainability, emphasis has been placed on optimizing the usage of natural resources, such as water, and of chemicals.
The FAO estimates that private sector involvement is critical in fostering “technology transfer capabilities” and Earth Observation offers a major opportunity to implement Precision Farming practices, a concept promoted by all major European Space Agencies.

The usage of low-cost General Aviation airplanes, in particular, offers the opportunity to extract mid- and low-altitude high-precision data.

This information can be very relevant and highly valuable when supplied directly to farmers, in a timely way. In addition, manned aerial platforms offer the possibility to capture “Proprietary” data: owning proprietary data is a strategic factor which enables first-moving countries to build domestic capabilities which can then be exported to their closest neighbours and, eventually, generate a brand new pillar of their economies.


Years Project


ha of “Pilot Area”


Predictive models creation


An all-in one solution for farmers

Aerial platform

The SmartBay airborne technology, which is a low-cost retrofit solution that transforms any general Aviation airplane to become a SkyMetry “remote sensing” aerial platform

Multi-spectral sensor

The multi-spectral sensor, which is a low-cost sensor that captures data in a high-definition format, and can be synchronized with satellite data

In-cloud, on-demand report delivery

Skymetry Farm is an in-cloud solution. Once data are gathered and processed Skymetry promptly deliver the via web the report that farmers can use in their decision-making process.

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